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Position Paper - Optimisation of Plant Photosynthesis

Position Paper GIS BV-AllEnvi of the workshop « Optimisation of plant photosynthesis » 11.12.2012

The Scientific Group of Interest "Biotechnologies Vertes” (GIS BV) and the “Plant Biology and Biotechnologies” working group (GT4) of the AllEnvi Alliance organised a one-day workshop on December 11th 2012 on the “Optimisation of plant photosynthesis” that brought together twenty-five scientists from the public and private members of the GIS BV, including representatives from the Groupement De Recherche Photosynthèse. Martin Parry (Rothamsted Research, UK), invited as keynote speaker, gave an overview of the current international collaborative programs to improve crop photosynthesis and productivity. Presentations by scientists working in France on plant photosynthesis were followed by a global discussion.

This paper summarizes the research priorities identified and addresses the challenges and opportunities for the French public-private research community in this field of research, in the light of the scientific and socio-economic issues linked to crop photosynthesis optimization.

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