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Bodies and organization

Composition of the governing council :

Permanent members

  • Fermin Azanza, Innolea, Vice President
  • Bruno Baranne, Syngenta
  • Carole Caranta, INRAE
  • Jean-Marc Ferullo, Innolea
  • Philippe Gate, Arvalis Institut du Végétal
  • Raphaëlle Girerd, Sofiprotéol
  • Emmanuel Guiderdoni, CIRAD
  • Christian Huyghe, INRAE
  • Olivier Le Gall, INRAE, President
  • Loïc Lepiniec, INRAE
  • Valérie Mazza, Innolea
  • Jean-Louis Noyer, CIRAD
  • Claude Tabel, Innolea
  • François Tardieu, INRAE
  • Xavier Thévenot, Syngenta

Invited members

  • Bernard Béjar, Vegepolys Valley
  • Norbert Rolland, CEA
  • Jean-Michel Roturier, Roquette Frères

Managing Board

The Managing Board operates the GIS BV under the authority of the Governing Council:

  • Analysis of research projects and propositions to the Governing Council for labeling.
  • Follows the advances of labeled projects.
  • Planning of scientific workshops and meetings, in order to follow the progress of funded projects and to facilitate the emergence of new projects
  • Representation of the GIS BV during meetings (national and European funding agencies.
  • Scientific and statistic summaries of labeled projects
  • Provides administrative and financial management for projects funded by (or through) the GIS BV.
  • Administrative support to the different GIS BV governing bodies.
  • Communication on the GIS BV and its activities (website, newsletter, leaflets).

Composition of the Managing Board :

  • Peter Rogowsky, INRAE, Chair
  • Pascual Perez, Limagrain, Vice-chair
  • Romain Piovan, Director

Committee on sustainable development

The Committee on sustainable development (CDD) is a consultative body that is appointed by the Governing Council in order to enlighten his reflection about economical, environmental, social and societal consequences of an innovation.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The mission of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is to follow the research projects carried out in the frame of the GIS BV and provide guidance to the Governing Council on the present and future scientific orientations of the GIS BV. The board meets at least once every two years, usually at the French Plant Genomics/Biotechnology Conference, thereby allowing progress assessment of the different research programs.

Composition of the SAB :

  • Peter Westhoff, Chairman, Univ. of Düsseldorf
  • Pere Arus, IRTA Barcelona
  • Ian Graham, Univ. of York
  • Henning Hermjakob, EBI Cambridge
  • Chris Schön, Univ. of München
  • Rob Snowdon, Univ. Giessen
  • Roberto Tuberosa, Univ. of Bologna


Governing Council (COS) : Decision and arbitration authority of the GIS BV.
Managing board (DO) : Operates the GIS BV under the COS authority.
Animation Thematic Committees (CAT) : creates connections within the scientific network of labeled projects and facilitates the exchange of information between projects.
Reviewing Committee (CL) : reviews any oral or written disclosure containing GIS BV-labeled projects results.
Scientific Advisory Board (SAB): Scientific evaluation of the GIS BV activities.
Intellectual Property and Licensing Committee (CPIV) : Protection of results conferred to Genoplante Valor SAS.

Committee on Sustainable Development (CDD): consultative authority available to the COS for an insight on the economic, environmental, social and societal impact of innovation projects.

SAS GV: Génoplante-Valor SAS

Representation of the GIS BV governance (in blue) and actions (in red):OrganisationGISBV



  • Romain Piovan, Director of the GIS BV : romain.piovan@inrae.fr
  • Edwige Pilard, Director of Genoplante-Valor : pilard@genoplante.com
  • Mylène Durand-Tardif, Senior Scientific Officer : mylene.durand-tardif@inrae.fr
  • Maxime Szambien, Scientific & communication officer : maxime.szambien@inrae.fr

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