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Presentation of the GIS BV


ble sciences

The plants for tomorrow will have to meet the needs of a productive, competitive and sustainable agriculture, for the food and feed industry and for the sector of renewable carbon sources.

The Scientific Group of Interest "Plant Biotechnologies" (GIS BV) aims at developing technologies and skills, in order to produce the knowledge necessary to create innovative crop varieties.
It is build on a large public-private partnership community, which gathers public research institutes, seed companies, technical institutes, sector representatives, and competitive clusters.

The GIS BV labels research projects from its members, for scientific topics that fall into the field of the GIS BV. All the labeled projects form together the "Biotechnologies Vertes" program.  It is articulated around 4 strategic objectives:

  •  Adaptation to global change;
  • Optimization of water and mineral use efficiency;
  • Improvement of crop yield and quality in the frame of sustainable intensification
  •  New uses for plant products

History and ambitions


The GIS "Plant Biotechnologies" was created following the "Genoplante" network.

The Génoplante network was created in 1999. For more than ten years, it fostered the development of successful collaborations between French public and private partners, and brought the French plant science research to its highest level in France and in Europe. The ambition of the GIS "Plant Biotechnologies" is to further support the development of large-scale research programs, while measuring up to the current international initiatives in plant biotechnologies. The aim of the GIS BV is to encourage public-private collaborations with a larger number of partners and research topics, in order to reinforce the competitiveness of the French agriculture and the seed and plant breeding industry.

The convention agreement of the GIS "Plant Biotechnologies" was signed in February 2011, for a duration of 10 years.

Chair of the Governing Council: Olivier Le Gall, INRAE

Vice-Chair of the Governing Council: Fermin Azanza, Limagrain

For more information, please consult the following brochure about 2011 - 2016 GIS BV activity.


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