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Scientific activities

The GIS "Plant Biotechnologies" organizes events, in collaboration with its members and with funding and programming bodies (AllEnvi Alliance, French National Research Agency) :

  • Scientific workshops open to all private and public members of the GIS BV. The aim of these workshops is (1) to present a global vision of the state-of-the-art research being carried out on a specific research topic, from fundamental to applied research programs, in France and at the international level and (2) to promote the exchange of ideas and positions, to evaluate potential technology transfer applications, and to encourage common research projects. These workshops set the basis for the redaction of position papers, summarizing the position of the research community, and making recommendations on research strategies and potential areas to support in national calls for proposals.
  • Thematic Animation Committee (CAT) meetings : the aim of these annual meetings is to discuss methodologies and to analyze scientific progress in the ongoing projects labeled by the GIS BV. These meetings allow the creation of connections within the scientific network of labeled projects, and aim at facilitating synergies and exchange of information between projects, as well as between private and public members of the GIS BV.
  • Large conferences organized in collaboration with the French National Research Agency.
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