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Thematic Animation Committes

The GIS BV Thematic Animation Committe - cross-disciplinary look on reserach projects and perspective thinking.

The Thematic Animation Committees of the GIS BV meet once a year under confidentiality agreement, for the GIS BV scientific community of public and private researchers.

The objectives are to:

- Creates connections within the scientific network of labeled projects and facilitates the exchange of information between projects.
- Fosters the emergence of new research projects, possibly through international collaborations.
- Suggests research topics for funding agencies.
- Contributes to the identification of intellectual property (precompetitive projects).

The Thematic Animation Committees are articulated around five general topics, and are led by two scientists representing public and private members of the GIS BV:

  • CAT Biotic Interactions (pesticides management, pests and diseases resistance, weed management, symbiotic interactions) led by Xavier Pinochet (Terres Inovia) and Susana Rivas (INRA)
  • CAT Abiotic Interactions (water and mineral use efficiency, adaptation to climatic changes), committee led by Sébastien Praud (Biogemma) and Alain Gojon (INRA)
  • CAT Plant Breeding Methods (production of biological resources, genetic, genomic and phenotypic characterization, improvement of methodologies, innovations impact), committee led by Olivier Lucas (RAGT) and Mathilde Causse (INRA)
  • CAT Bioinformatics and Data Management, led by Nathalie Rivière (Biogemma) and Johann Joets (INRA)
  • CAT Product Quality and New Uses, led by Pierre Malvoisin (AELRED) and Luc Saulnier (INRA).
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