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Ressources génétiques

27 mai 2014

Plant genetic resources are the raw material for the varietal improvement and are essential on the research with living organism. They are for this reason mobilised by public and private actors, with varied goals from the local to the international stage.

How to preserve study and enhance genetic resources? This enquiry is taking up one of the most burning issues of our time and is amplified by the renewed challenges.

Does the organization of genetic conservation in France can meet these challenges? Does the decentralized nature of the French scheme can be considered a weakness or rather strength? What kind of infrastructures and organizational schemes could better serve the interests of public and private users of genetic resources?

The Science Workshop “genetic resources” of GIS Biotech Vertes (Benefit Research Grouping Plant Biotechnology) and ad hoc working group “biology of plants and biotechnology of Alliance AllEnvi” will express its concern with the objective of developing a shared vision between public and private - partners on these projects, structure and means of what should be the national scheme of conservation and analysis of genetic resources.

Le programme de la journée est disponible ci-dessous.

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